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by Dominic 30/05/2012 16:33:00
Firstly, Visa Bureau and STA Travel's flight competition is still on, book your flights to Australia from STA Travel before 31 July and you could win the cost of your flight back, up to £1000! 
At almost any point in the calendar we can safely predict that not only is the weather in Australia hotter, lighter for longer and just a more pleasant place to be in general, it's also normally raining.

Not this month though!

London, definitely not THAT busy, right?

While the current temperature is averaging around a 20 degree C high in Sydney over the next few days, we're going through a heat wave in London. However, like every other variance of weather that dares to venture anywhere beyond 12 degrees and 16 degrees with a slight overcast, Britain is completely incapable of coping.

Public transport down, no air conditioning, people not sleeping, people being burnt to a crisp, wasps in drinks, hay fever, all before it reaches 20 degrees.

The inability for anyone to cope with anything but slight drizzle combined with the incredibly overhyped Diamond Jubilee this weekend, you can be forgiven for dreaming of being anywhere but Down Under.

If you're in Australia this month, you'll be over the moon because it's June and we've got loads of things to do(on).

Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow - Across Australia - Throughout June

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is the third largest comedy festival in the world (if you know the other two then comedy probably isn't your thing anyway) and one of Australia's biggest events over all. With the biggest names in comedy from across the world, the festival is a weeks long extravaganza that is to be missed.

But you have done, it finished in April.

You might have missed the festival itself but fortunately some kind souls committed to seeking out the darkest and miserablest (that is a word spell-check, grr) corners of Australia and shining the light of mirth on them. The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow tours throughout June across the country, check out the site to find the closest date to you.

Derek likes ghosts.

Body, Mind & Psycho Expo - Adelaide - 2nd to 3rd June

If it was just called the Body and Mind Expo then we probably wouldn't have bothered with this event, body and mind suggests a bunch of middle aged women trying to sell each other bath salts and courses in professional confidence while a bunch of men feign interest in said bath salts to try and get closer to said women.

It's the 'Psycho' part that gets us.

A two day festival of tarot card readings, palm readings, readings of other everyday things that inform some people whether or not they'll get married, what's not to like?

Seriously though, it's horses for courses and if you have a spiritual side you'll definitely enjoy the Body Mind & Psycho Expo at the Adelaide Showground.

No sniggering allowed.

Truffle Festival - Canberra - 21st June to 31st July

There are certain foods posh and/or rich people eat and we lowly commoners have to deal with it: caviar, oysters, scotch eggs, lobster, Kobe beef, After Eight mints, you get the idea.

Truffles usually belong in that list; snuffled out by pigs (the one time the word snuffle is appropriate) and then flown on their own first class jet to the finest restaurants in London, New York, Bolton and Paris, you'll never get a sniff of the stuff in the truffle that pig snuffled.

Or will you?

The 2012 Canberra & Capital Region Truffle Festival gets under way on the 21st of the month in time for the Winter Solstice and the premier truffle hunting season. The festival gives you the chance to sample as many luxurious truffles as you like and features truffle hunts, cooking lessons and dining experiences.

Vivid Sydney transforms the city.
Not. To. Be. Missed.

Vivid Sydney - Sydney - until 11th June

We included Vivid Sydney on our last events blog but as the event extends through until June and is more than just a hallucinogenic kaleidoscope played out on the blank canvas of Sydney's Opera House, we thought we'd include it in this month's blog in a little more detail.

Vivid Sydney is a six week celebration of innovation and creativity; central to the festival's attraction is the light installations which are set up across the city and convert the whole place into the aforementioned hallucinogenic kaleidoscope.

However, that isn't all the festival is with dozens of individual performances, art installations and light exchanges taking place every day. Some of the best include Light Sculptures taking place at the Circular Quay, the Temper Trap and their sweet disposition playing the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Film Festival taking place across the CBD.

The best of the best though, and held every night, is URBANSCREEN's the Lighting of the Sails. For six hours a day, the award winning design collective URBANSCREEN lights up the sails of the Sydney Opera House with everything from cool flashing lights to the absolute best in projection technology.

And it's free, don't miss it.

- Dominic Ladden-Powell is the Online Editor with the Australian Visa Bureau, an independent migration consultancy specialising in helping people lodge applications for a Working Holiday Visa to Australia.

Visa Bureau takes no responsibility and cannot be held accountable for action taken as a result of any information or comment provided on this blog, and we recommend that you always seek a number of opinions before making a decision regarding your migration or visa application. Please refer to the Visa Bureau terms of use for more information.

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