In which we finally arrive in Cairns

by Stephanie 03/12/2009 16:21:00

Congratulations Joe!
Our December blog winner

Huntsmen... big spiders

Joseph Browne started his blog An Englishman in Another Country (subtitled "tales from an Englishman, who, in all likelihood is seriously out of his depth") a few weeks into his working holiday, although the term "working" is used quite lightly. In between the late nights of partying, warm days spent chilling out, and travelling up and down the East Coast, Joe has had some run-ins with the locals.


So we've finally reached Cairns, ditched the campervan and checked ourselves into a hostel. The campervan survived the trip (well apart from the massive scratch Jon managed to put on it just as we pulled outside the drop off place, but they didn't seem to notice so it's OK).

Cairns hasn't really impressed me so far, but they do have a Hungry Jack's so it's not all bad.

Bug Wars - The Final Battle

In a last ditch attempt to win the war, the bugs sent their most deadly weapon. A f*$%ing huge spider.

As I stepped into the campervan to put some spaghetti in tomato and cheese sauce on the gas hob, Karen asked me 'what is that above your head?' As I looked up I came eyeball to eyeball with a spider the size of a Vauxhall Corsa. As I (very bravely) dived onto the bunk to get out of it's way The B*$#%!, which is what I've called it, decided to move.

All three of us spoke at great length about what to do about the situation. The conversation was peppered with swear words and things like 'I'm not f*$%ng going in there'.

After a good 15 minutes and consulting a bemused Aussie who confirmed The B*$#%! was a huntsman and not dangerous we decided to get a tupperware container and trap the little f*$%er. So whilst Jon had the tupperware container over the spider, I (again, very bravely) got a piece of cardboard from a Coco Pops container and slid it under the mass of legs and hatred. After it was in the plastic box, I let Jon take it as far away from the van as possible.

He then very bravely threw the whole thing to the ground and ran back to us with speeds that would have won him the Olympics 100m (or the very least sports day back at school).

After this the bugs have left us alone for the most part. Presumably because they were so scared of our treatment of The B*$#%!. And so the ceasefire continues, until the next time...

In other non-bug related news, trying to find a job in Cairns, is proving much harder than in Brisbane and Sydney. In Brisbane we were actually offered jobs as we were walking down the street.

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