Top 10 'big things' in Australia

by Stephanie 13/08/2009 13:48:00


Australia’s a big, wide country, so what better way for a little town to stand out than with a Big Pineapple? 

There are more than 150 giant models in Australia, like the Big Gumboot in Tully, Queensland, and Humpty Doo’s (yes, that’s the name of the town) Big Boxing Crocodile. 

Some are just ridiculous, like the Big Poo in Kiama and the Big Potato in Robertson, but most are fun, if a bit kitsch, excuses for a road trip.

Here is my top 10.

10. Big Ned Kelly: Glenrowan, Victoria.  Worth the trip if you are interested in Australia’s infamous criminal.

9. Big Golden Guitar: Tamworth, New South Wales. It is beautifully crafted, and a fitting tribute for Australia’s country music capital.

8. Giant Koala: Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. Now owed by new people, Karla has had a makeover.

7. Big Banana: Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The first in Australia (built in 1964) and visible from the highway.

6. Big Lobster: Kingston, South Australia. Known to the locals as ‘Larry’.

5. Big Merino: Goulburn, New South Wales. As awe-inspiring as a giant sheep can be, or should that be ewe-inspiring? ...ha ha... eh *sigh*.

4. Big Wine Cask: Wentworth, New South Wales. An excellent excuse for stupid photos with mouths agape under the dispenser.

3. Giant Murray Cod: Swan Hill, Victoria. Again, a funny photo opportunity in the mouth of the cod.

2. Big Prawn: Ballina, New South Wales (south of Byron Bay). It was a little faded the last time I saw it but it was always a signal on an east coast road trip to stop for lunch and have fish and chips on the beach.

And drum roll please...

1. Big Pineapple: Nambour, Queensland, it’s a 16-metre (52 foot) fibreglass fruit that has been an icon since it opened in 1971. It’s also an event with rides on a Macadamia nut mobile or on a small train, and tropical fruit parfaits for afters. Daww.

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