31 March 2010

Brown declares he will focus on fair UK immigration

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All parties are urged to show a united front against those opposing UK immigration out of prejudice, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say in a speech in London.

UK Work Permit

Discussions on UK immigration, visas and work permits should be measured, the Prime Minister will say.

The Prime Minister will say it is right for politicians to talk about the issue and address people's concerns about UK immigration levels, but debate must be measured.

The Prime Minister will say talk that immigration is "out of control" plays into extremists' hands in the speech, which comes as a number of leading politicians have challenged the main parties to toughen pledges on UK immigration.
Labour says the points-based system governing the amount of people that can come to work in the UK on a UK Visa or UK Work Permit is fair, flexible and has contributed to a fall in immigration.

The Conservative party say the current system is not working and pledged an annual cap to be set on UK immigration. 

In the speech by Mr Brown, the second in six months on immigration, he will say there is a consensus among mainstream parties that UK immigration is a positive force in British society and a contributor to economic growth.

"So I call on all those in the mainstream of our politics to stand together in the coming weeks and present a united front against those who don't value the diverse and outward-looking Britain that we stand for."

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