18 November 2010

UK Visa woes throws Fiji match against Wales in disarray

The game between Fiji and Wales in Cardiff tomorrow has been thrown into disarray with two key Fijiian players, Seru Rabeni and Wame Lewaravu, stuck in France.

UK Visa

UK Visa woes have meant that two key players for the Fiji team cannot play tomorrow.

Both players have had UK Visa woes despite both having played in the English Premiership. Rabeni spent four seasons with Leicester and one with Leeds before joining La Rochelle and  Lewaravu is in his first season with Sale, having spent a couple of years at London Welsh.

 “They could not fly out to Wales with us because of visa problems," said the Fiji coach, Samu Domoni.

"I am not sure what the issue was. It is beyond my expertise but they are both now in our hotel. Unfortunately, they arrived too late to be considered for selection."

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