16 October 2012

UKBA staff on trial for UK visa scam

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A member of staff at a UK Border Agency office in Nigeria is on trial for allegedly falsifying a UK visa application in order to bring her nanny back to the UK with her.

UK visa

Natasha Vukic, a former UK Border Agency staff member, has been accused of fraudulently submitting a UK visa application.

Natasha Vukic, 36, allegedly claimed the housekeeper, Rose Inah, who also acted as nanny for her three-year-old son had worked for her and partner James Mooney, 33, for over a year on the UK visa application, when in reality it had only been a couple of months.

"In submitting that form, as they did, Natasha Vukic and James Mooney were breaking the law," said Riel Karmy-Jones, prosecuting.

Ms Karmy-Jones told the jury that the couple planned to bring Ms Inah to the UK in order to exploit her for cheap labour, intending to pay her just £300 a month; a crime made all the worse given Ms Vukic's career at the UKBA.

"Their role in this offence is all the more culpable and serious because of what they do, for Natasha Vukic and James Mooney have both considered and approved and refused the applications made by others," said Ms Karmy-Jones.

"They have, in effect, stood in judgement over others for the very same offence they have now committed.

"The motive is one of greed. Had they succeeded, had Rose come to the UK for a period of a year, she would have worked for what can only be described as a pittance."

Investigations into Ms Vukic's emails and records have proved Ms Inah had worked for the couple for less than a year.

The trial continues.

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