02 February 2011

UK Student Visa national consultation on changes now closed

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The public consultation on the proposed UK Student Visa has now closed and the UK Immigration Minister Damian Green has reiterated the Government's plans to review student visas in a speech to the think tank Reform

UK Student Visa

The public consultation about changes to the US Student Visa system has now closed.

Speaking at a conference in London, Mr Green outlined how the agency will further strengthen the UK Student Visa system and clamp down on abuses of the student route to the UK.

The national consultation on UK Student Visas closed on 31 January.

Mr Green said: “I believe attracting talented students from abroad is vital to the UK but we must be more selective about who can come here and how long they can stay”.

The eight week consultation received over 30,000 responses, and sought views on a range of measures to reduce the overall number of students who can come into the UK.

Proposals in the consultation included:

The results of the consultation will be announced in the coming weeks.

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