24 June 2009

Survey finds emigrating to New Zealand the best move

A NatWest International Personal Banking survey of UK expats found they rated emigrating to New Zealand the best move in the world.

The majority of respondents to the survey found New Zealand the best place to live outside Britain in terms of quality of life, standard of living and cost of living.
More than nine in ten of the expats surveyed, or 92%, reported that they were “happier living abroad than they were at home” and that immigrating, including emigrating to New Zealand, was a good decision despite the economic recession.
The NatWest survey was conducted for in conjunction with the Centre for Future think tank.
New Zealand knocked Canada out of the top spot this year, the bank reported. It follows another survey released in October by Alliance & Leicester International, which also ranked New Zealand first for quality of life and cost of living.
Third-best place to live in terms of quality of life in the NatWest survey, after New Zealand and Canada, was France, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, the USA, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Other findings of the survey included:

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