24 June 2009

Ballot held for New Zealand permanent residence

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The New Zealand Government’s 2009 Samoa Quota (SQ) and Pacific Access Category (PAC) ballots for permanent residence were drawn today.

Those with successful ballots are invited to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand if they obtain a satisfactory job offer and meet other immigration requirements.

Numbers are randomly selected and the results will be available next week, Immigration New Zealand Director Pacific Division, Ross Grigg said.

The successful registration numbers will be displayed at the Immigration New Zealand branches in Nuku’alofa, Suva and Apia as well as at the Auckland Pacific Division Manukau, Westfield Plaza, New Zealand High Commission in Tarawa, Tuvalu High Commission in Suva and the Tuvalu Department of Labour. Lists will also be advertised in Pacific major newspapers and on the New Zealand Immigration Service website. 

Mr Grigg says the people who had successfully balloted must now meet specific requirements to be able to enter New Zealand.

“For those that were successful in today’s ballot, I urge you to start working through your application and read the application packs carefully, to ensure that you have fulfilled all the specific requirements as expected on preparation for your residency application,” says Mr Grigg. “If you need help to get started please contact your closest Immigration New Zealand office and we can advise you on the best way forward,” he adds.

Before the end of July, successful ballotees will be sent a letter inviting them to apply for New Zealand permanent residence and an information pack.

A total of 14,735 applications were received under the 2009 Samoa Quota and the Pacific Access Category Schemes, this equates to 30,176 people. Last year 12,352 applications were received which totalled 31,409 people.

Mr Grigg says the high number of registration applications received this year demonstrate the keen interest of Pacific people in acquiring New Zealand permanent residency.

Successful applicants under these quotas have until Friday 8 January 2010 to lodge their applications for New Zealand permanent residence.

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