12 September 2008

Wellington fastest growing tourist destination in NZ

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In a press release yesterday, the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce said it commends the Tourism Manifesto presented to the New Zealand Government by the Tourism Industry Association for promoting the needs of tourism in the country.

The Chamber said the Manifesto represents exactly its views on the importance of tourism in New Zealand and what steps are needed to maintain its strong growth.

"Investing in infrastructure and boosting the return from major events, for example, are both crucial to capitalising on New Zealand’s popularity as a visitor destination", said Chamber CEO Charles Finny.

Finny also said the Manifesto is particularly important for Wellington, where tourism is experiencing strong growth and is quickly becoming a vital component of the capital city’s economy. 

"Tourism is particularly important for the Wellington economy. Statistics New Zealand guest accommodation figures out today reaffirm Wellington’s status as the fastest growing tourist destination in the country," he added.

He also said Wellington is going to have to improve tourist infrastructure, including accommodation, facilities and attractions, and maximise from international sporting events, including the 2011 Rugby World Cup. 

"Finally, we agree with the call to boost marketing support for tourism. Tourism, along with education and professional services contribute very significantly to New Zealand export earnings.  We don’t think enough account is taken of this in New Zealand trade policy or trade promotion activities," Mr Finny added.

The Government is conducting a world-wide recruit to boost its educational income; last month representatives from New Zealand’s tertiary institutions ran a series of Education Fairs in India, reports Voxy.co.nz.  The six day fair aimed to attract more Indian nationals to move to New Zealand to study, and eventually ease the skills shortage in the country. 

The Education Fair is hoped to attract foreign nationals to apply for New Zealand Student Visas who want to fast-track the process for obtaining permanent residency.  Organisers also hope that the fair will make it clear that overseas migrants have much better opportunities of gaining employment in New Zealand if they have local qualifications. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.

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