07 January 2011

Canada immigration checks under review for same sex marriages

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An increase in demand for same sex sponsorships for Canada immigration has seen a review of checks at overseas embassies.

Canadian Embassy

Marriages conducted at overseas Canadian Embassies must now meet requirements of host country.

Canadian diplomats in overseas posts must now make sure same sex marriages conducted at the embassies or consulates of other countries are legal before the partners are considered for Canada Immigration status.

Couples in some countries where same sex unions are allowed can get married at diplomatic missions where the marriages are recognized, and once married a Canadian citizen can sponsor his or her partner or both can apply at a Canadian Embassy to emigrate. 

The increased demand for same-sex sponsorships in 2010 caused Canada immigration officials to review the same sex policy to ensure the process remained its integrity.

Remo LiFraine, of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s International Region, said marriages performed in embassies or consulates must meet the requirements of the host country in which the mission is located.
 “A marriage performed in an embassy or consulate must be legally recognized by the host state.”

Couples often choose to get married at the embassy of a foreign country because they don’t feel safe otherwise, immigration officials said.
Canadian embassy staff must now ask if the host country recognizes marriages performed in diplomatic missions in its jurisdiction.

Same sex marriages are recognized in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and a number of US states.

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