28 January 2013

Shadow Australian immigration minister promotes multiculturalism

Scott Morrison, the opposing Coalition's spokesperson for immigration matters, has outlined his party's agenda for the coming election year - and derided the current government's removal of the word 'multicultural' from party material.

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Shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison says a Coalition government would support a multicultural Australia.

Mr Morrison said a Coalition government, led by current Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott, would go against policies of the current government and advocate a culture of inclusion rather than diversity.

"[The Coalition's] policy deliverately set out to explicitily recognise the supremacy of Australian values, the primacy of the English language, respect for existing institutions and adherence to the rule of law," said Mr Morrison.

"Labor's policy has moved away from this focus and reverted back to the more traditional emphasis on accommodating and promoting diversity, almost as an end it itself, as has long been practiced in the UK and Europe."

Mr Morrison said his party is willing to embrace a diverse population should they win this year's election but a Coalition government would also ensure barriers would not be allowed to prevent diversity from becoming seclusion in 'closed communities' - particularly ones that do not respect Australian law.

The shadow immigration minister said Australia was a country built on immigration and cited the efforts of British and European governments - despite their issues - as examples of what Australia needs to allow new immigrants to integrate proper and carve out their own portions of their new respective cultures.

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