17 August 2012

Australian tourism industry creates 32,000 jobs in Tasmania

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The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania (TICT) says the region's tourist industry is proving so popular that almost 15% of the state's entire workforce is employed in the industry.

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Tasmania's tourist industry benefits greatly from its iconic fauna.

A recent report from the TICT says the tourism industry contributes AU$2 billion (£1.3 billion) to the state's economy and generates 32,000 jobs, or 13.5% of the state's workforce, significantly higher than the national average.

Luke Martin, chief executive of TICT says previous studies underestimated the scale of the state's tourism industry by as much as 16%, meaning investment in requirement is essential to ensure the continued growth.

"Tourism is vital to Tasmania's economy and the State Government needs to put more money into marketing the state to drive the economy and create jobs," said Luke Martin, chief executive of TICT .

Tasmania is know for its expansive and unspoiled natural environment as well as its iconic species of wildlife, particularly the Tasmanian devil, and both Australian and international tourists visit for its contrast to the Australian mainland.

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