05 February 2013

ESPN sign up US tourism deal

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American sports broadcaster ESPN has joined forces with Brand USA, the country's top marketing body, to promote US tourism throughout Europe.

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ESPN and Brand USA are hoping to attracting more tourists to the US by promoting American sports across Europe.

In the wake of last weekend's Superbowl, US tourism bodies are capitalising on the growing popularity of American sports. Brand USA has signed a deal with ESPN to deliver enticing content to sports fans across Europe in the hope of bringing more tourists to more American destinations.

The majority of America's international tourism is centred on locations such as New York City, Florida and Las Vegas but Brand USA is hoping the deal with ESPN will showcase the rich variety of sporting options on offer throughout the country.

While the largest sports in the US, such as the NFL and NBA, are predominant in certain states, almost all states have hugely successful sports franchises of their own - particularly those with large university populations whose stadiums can easily top 100,000 capacities.

The tailored marketing campaign will include tailored videos promoting each state's sporting heritage and recreational tourism opportunities thanks to the natural diversity in states such as Montana or Utah.

The features are scheduled to be broadcast across Europe as well as the Middle East and Africa; a season-long sponsorship deal in the UK has also been included as part of the deal.

Interested viewers can then visit DiscoverAmerica.com and choose their preferred destinations based on sporting preferences and personal interests. An ESPN-branded tool within the site will then help users find the nearest sporting event which matches their preferences and help them to find tickets.

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