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Tier 2 Minister of Religion Category

The Minister of Religion category is a UK work permit category for religious workers who are coming to the UK to work as part of a bona fide religious organisation.  Workers can undertake missionary work, pastoral or preaching work, or work within a religious order or community, such as a monastery or convent.

The Minster of Religion category is part of the Tier 2 work permit system and replaces a work permit from the previous system for migration.

The Minister of Religion category is open to workers in religious organisations only.  People studying for a religious qualification should apply for a Tier 4 study permit, while full-time teachers working in a religious or missionary school should apply for a Tier 2 skilled work permit.

To qualify under the Minister of Religion category, applicants must:

For applicants working as part of a religious community or order, any work outside of the religious organisation must be under the direction of the religious organisation.  Otherwise, applicants should apply for a more appropriate work permit.