28 Aug 13

Boris Johnson pushes Australian freedom of movement deal

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said the UK, by allowing UK visa-free entry to Europeans, has 'betrayed' Commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand.
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08 Jul 13

High Court judges UK immigration rules lawful but 'unjustified'

New UK immigration laws have been ruled 'onerous and unjustified', but not unlawful, by the High Court.
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03 Jul 13

Health secretary adds medical charge to UK immigration policy

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced today that new migrants to the UK from outside the European Economic Area will be required to pay an upfront levy of at least £1,000 to access healthcare during their first five years in the country.
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02 Jul 13

PM calms fears over UK visa bond pilot

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted that a new bond requirement on UK visa applications from high risk countries is only at the trial stage.
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11 Jun 13

Infosys boss pushes for UK visa relaxations

The head of professional services giant Infosys has reportedly urged Business Secretary Vince Cable to relax UK visa restrictions to allow more foreign talent to move to the UK.
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10 Jun 13

Cross-party group calls for UK immigration rules review

A cross party group of politicians has called for a review of UK immigration rules after hearing hundreds of cases of British families forced to live apart or under fear of separation after new rules introduced last year.
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05 Jun 13

Speaker criticised for UK immigration comments

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has been criticised for his comments on UK immigration policy during a visit to Romania.
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03 Jun 13

Sell UK visas to the richest, claim Conservative MPs

A group of politicians has suggest UK visas be auctioned off to the wealthiest foreigners in order to create a 'market based' UK immigration system.
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29 May 13

Minister says Government 'on track' with UK immigration efforts

Immigration Minister Mark Harper has said the Government is 'on track' to cut net migration to the UK to the 'tens of thousands' by the end of the current parliament.
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23 May 13

International students fall furthest in UK immigration figures

Falling numbers of international students coming to Britain have resulted in the lowest UK immigration figures in a decade.
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