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New Zealand Working Holiday Guide and Platinum Card Info

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New Zealand Working Holiday Guide

Upon successfully qualifying for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa with the New Zealand Visa Bureau, you'll be issued our exclusive Working Holiday Guide.  A full colour, professionally printed guide designed specifically for working holidaymakers, it includes all the information you'll need for your year in NZ, with detailed listings for accommodation, employment, restaurants, bars, clubs and activities for all of New Zealand's biggest towns and cities.  What's more, it also fills you in on all the exclusive discounts you'll receive with your Visa Bureau Platinum Card.

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Visa Bureau Platinum Card

The Visa Bureau Platinum Card gives you over NZ$700 worth of freebies and discounts on your New Zealand Working Holiday, ranging from free nights in some of the country's best hostels to discount camper van rental, savings on your travel insurance, half-price bungy jumping and much, much more! 

The Platinum Card also gives you access to the members-only Platinum Card site, where you'll be kept informed of all the new discounts and offers we add to our Platinum Card package.  To take advantage of these exclusive offers, Apply for your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa with Visa Bureau today.

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Already have your Platinum Card?

If you've already received your Visa Bureau Platinum Card, register or log-on to the Platinum Card site.  Once you're there, you can check out all the offers you're eligible for, see if any new discounts or savings have been added to the Visa Bureau offer package and check out everything you need to be prepared for your New Zealand Working Holiday!

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Amazing freebies and discounts!

Free hostel nights at some of the country's best hostels

Get your sleep in comfort and style for free in some of the best hostels in all of New Zealand's biggest cities and towns.

Great discounts on extreme sports

New Zealand is home of extreme sports and as a Platinum Card holder, you'll receive great discounts on some of the best things the country has to offer.

Savings on getting around and staying safe

You'll also get discounts on camper van rental, coach tours and more, as well as travel insurance savings to make sure you stay safe while having fun.

comprehensive Listings and city info!

Detailed listings pages

Accommodation, employment, things to do out and about and activities; all the info you need to make your working holiday memorable in one place.

City guides for all the best Kiwi cities and towns

Get out and about and find your way around easily with our comprehensive city guides


Visa info and helpdesk access

All the info you need on what you can and can't do on your visa, with a dedicated helpdesk available at all times.

Visa Bureau Platinum Card

exclusive visa bureau platinum card!

Easy discount access

With our Platinum Card website, all you need to do is register your card to take advantage of all the great discounts we've got and check them out online.

Constantly updated offers package

We're always updating our offers package with cool new stuff, so make sure you check back often to make sure you're taking advantage of it all!

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