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Working in New Zealand

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New Zealand has undergone a period of unprecedented growth over the past 10 years. A low unemployment rate and an ageing population means that a number of occupationals are reporting a desperate need for skilled personnel. Skilled people are needed in New Zealand.

New Zealand businesses are increasingly looking overseas for skilled migrants who can help plug the skills shortages and help the country to grow. This works out as a 'win - win' situation, as it also enables migrants to emigrate to a safe and beautiful country.  New Zealand consistently rates as having a high standard of living in international reports, with good job prospects on offer for potential migrants.

The main difference between working in the UK and working in New Zealand is the emphasis given to work - life balance in New Zealand. Flexible working arrangements, part-time work, home based work and paid parental leave give New Zealanders more time for themselves and their families. As an example of the flexible Kiwi attitude to work, just consider that it was a New Zealander who invented the phrase 'Work to Live'. 

New Zealand Visa Bureau Jobseeker Service

The New Zealand Visa Bureau can offer assistance in finding jobs in New Zealand for migrants working in one of the skills categories below, provided they have the qualifications and experience required by the New Zealand employer. With a job offer you could emigrate to New Zealand faster than without one; for some applicants, having a job offer is essential.

The list is broken down into 4 major skills categories:

Should you meet the basic requirements and successfully take advantage of our Jobseeker Service, then you could enjoy stress-free arrival in New Zealand with no job hunting necessary. 

Complete the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online assessment, and attach your CV to apply.  We will contact you within 48 hours for a no-obligation consultation instructing you of your chances of securing a job offer in New Zealand with the assistance of our job search facility.

Services For Working Holidaymakers

If you are between 18 and 30 years of age, and you want to work in New Zealand temporarily, you should apply for a Working Holiday Visa.  A Working Holiday Visa will allow you to visit New Zealand for up to 23 months and work during your stay.