10 Jan 07

More Brits going Kiwi

More than 11,000 British citizens are emigrating to New Zealand every year, reveal the latest migration figures from New Zealand's Department of Labour.
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05 Dec 06

New Zealand unveils proposed Immigration Act changes

New Zealand have unveiled proposed changes to the Immigration Act that it hopes will make it easier to attract skilled migrants whilst tightening border security.
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04 Dec 06

NZ: Central Hawkes Bay added to regions with absolute labour shorages

Immigration New Zealand have announced that visitors looking to undertake employment under the Seasonal Work Permit policy are now able to do so in Central Hawkes Bay.
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30 Nov 06

Important changes to Greek passports

The Greek authorities have advised that from January 1st 2007, Greek passports issued prior to January 1st 2006 will no longer be considered valid for travel.
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23 Nov 06

Brits overseas home ownership nearly doubles

Around 800,000 British households now have a second home abroad – with long haul destinations Australia, New Zealand and the United States amongst the most popular.
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07 Nov 06

New Zealand is tops for nature lovers, adventure sports

Adventure sports enthusiasts and nature lovers have been heading to New Zealand for years and it comes as no surprise that the country has topped a worldwide survey for natural beauty and outdoor activities.
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03 Nov 06

NZ: Marlborough added to regions with an absolute labour shortage

Immigration New Zealand have announced that from the 6th November 2006, visitors looking to undertake employment under the Seasonal Work Permit policy will be able to do so in Marlborough.
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02 Nov 06

New Zealand business says retaining overseas staff a key concern

New Zealand business leaders have identified the problem of attracting and retaining overseas talent as one of their key concerns.
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25 Oct 06

New Zealand introduces seasonal work policy for Pacific workers

New Zealand has unveiled a seasonal work scheme aimed at giving Pacific workers priority to fill horticulture and viticulture jobs when no local workers are available.
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20 Oct 06

New Zealand implements visa changes for foreign fishing crew

New Zealand Immigration has announced new measures aimed at improving the working conditions of foreign fishing crew on chartered foreign fishing vessels in New Zealand.
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