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Transferring your Pension and Finances

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Migrating to New Zealand could provide you with some financial advantages for your existing UK wealth, property, assets, savings and investments – including pensions.

As there are considerable differences in the tax regimes in the UK and New Zealand, with the correct advice an individual can take advantage of the tax breaks available and avoid falling into some of the tax traps that a move to New Zealand could potentially lead to.


If you have a UK private or company pension, you will need advice as to whether to transfer your pension overseas and on the timing of the transfer.

With the right advice, it is possible to transfer your pension Down Under and retire tax free in New Zealand.  

Our pension transfer partners, Global QROPS Ltd, help minimize the tax implications and reduce exposure to currency fluctuations when transferring your pension funds.

Take an online assessment today to get the best advice and prepare your finances before your move to Australia. Need more advice? For a free initial consultation, please call Global QROPS Ltd on 01372 724249 or email

Other Tax Considerations

There are important UK income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT) implications that centre around whether an individual should retain or sell their UK property or investments. Allied to this, New Zealand have their own taxes on foreign investments held by a resident of their country.

Global QROPS Ltd

Global QROPS Ltd are UK based financial advisers, authorized and regulated by the UK financial services authority (FSA) whose advisory team have many years experience in advising people, migrating to New Zealand, on the best strategy for their UK pensions, property, savings and investments.

Global QROPS Ltd offer a free initial assessment, to introduce themselves and establish whether advice is required moving forward.
If you would like more information about their services, or would like to arrange a free initial consultation, please call them on 01372 724249 or email