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Application for Immigration to New Zealand

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The initial application stage for the New Zealand Skilled Migrant category involves applicants completing an Expression of Interest (EOI). An Expression of Interest allows the NZIS to determine if you are a suitable candidate based on certain qualifying factors.

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To be eligible for an invitation to migrate to New Zealand you must:

Expressions of Interest must also include details of any family or dependants you wish to accompany you to New Zealand, including partners and children.

Qualifying Expressions of Interest are lodged with the NZIS, where they are pooled and ranked according to pass mark in the Expression of Interest Pool. Currently all applications that have claimed 100 points or more will be accepted into the pool.

Every 2 weeks all applications with 140 points (or with a job offer), are automatically selected from the pool and offered an Invitation To Apply (ITA). After this, lower scoring EOI are selected based on various factors, such as having an occupation on the Long Term Skills Shortages List (LTSSL).

Expressions of Interest remain in the pool for 3 months where, if they are not selected in this time, they will be withdrawn from the pool. You may lodge a second Expression of Interest if the first fails the selection process.

An application for immigration will only be accepted by New Zealand Immigration if an Expression of Interest is lodged and an invitation to immigrate extended.

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