25 January 2018

Australian Dollar rises back up

The Australian Dollar has risen back up as result of improved economic data.

Read Halo's latest Sterling-Australian Dollar Quarterly Forecast

The Sterling-Australian Dollar (GBP-AUD) exchange rate is an important consideration for those migrating to Australia. For many migrants the exchange rate largely impacts their ability to afford relocating Down Under. You can keep up-to-date with the market by following financial blogs and engaging in a professional foreign exchange service, such as Halo Financial.

In Halo's latest Sterling-Australian Dollar Quarterly Forecast, the following findings have been highlighted:

Guidance for AUD buyers:

For further insight you can view Halo's full Sterling - Australian Dollar Quarterly Forecast here.

Why Halo Financial?

We work alongside Halo Financial who provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for transferring your currency overseas. Using a professional company such as Halo will save you time and money when transferring your funds abroad.

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