24 May 2016

Huge earning potential for Tradespersons in Australia

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'Tradies' performing well Down Under

2016 Tradie Rich List

The 2016 Tradie Rich List was released this month and has revealed the average earnings of tradespersons in Australia. It is evident that 'tradies' are performing well Down Under, with high earning potential and huge demand for their services.

Australian Tradespersons have witnessed an increase in pay, with the average wage at AU$60.88 per hour. Top of the list were Plumbers in Western Australia, earning on average AU$87.67 per hour. This is substantially more than a UK Plumber, who on average earns just £10.88 per hour (Payscale, 2016).

Skilled Migration for Tradespersons

The Skilled Occupations List (SOL) shows demand for numerous trade workers in Australia, including Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters and many more!

Tradespersons continue to be in high demand Down Under, and we can help you make the move. If you would like to discuss your visa options please complete our free online assessment:

We also work closely with The Down Under Centre who process skills assessments for a variety of trades. You can meet them at one of our upcoming seminars.


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