20 February 2018

Changes to South Australia State Nomination

The South Australian Government has announced further changes to their High Points category

Further to recent changes, South Australia has announced additional restrictions to their High Points category.

Due to the high number of applications received under the High Points category, Immigration SA will be closely monitoring applications received over the coming weeks. Once the High Points category is close to reaching it's quota the minimum points required will automatically be raised to 90. Upon filling the quota the High Points category will be closed for the remainder of 2017/18 migration year (30 June 2018).

Additionally, the occupations listed below are no longer available for nomination under the High Points category - effective immediately. Applications submitted before 19 February 2018 will remain unaffected.

The High Points category is available to applicants wanting a Skilled Visa and who need sponsorship from a State or Territory in Australia.

Currently, applicants who can achieve 75 points and have an occupation on South Australia's Supplementary Skilled List will be able to apply for sponsorship from South Australia under the high points category.

This is in addition to those occupations already listed on the South Australia State Nominated Occupation List where "special conditions apply".

Put simply, if your occupation is on either:

then you may be eligible to apply under the High Points category.

If approved, you will be automatically invited to apply for a Skilled Visa. Applicants will still need to meet all other South Australian state nomination requirements to qualify. Quotas do apply in the High Points category, meaning once the spaces for an occupation are filled, this option will no longer be available.

Please be aware that if you require 5 points then you will be invited to apply for the Skilled - Nominated (190) Visa.

Please be aware that if you require 10 points then you will be invited to apply for the Skilled - Nominated (489) Visa.

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