16 September 2013

Scott Morrison named new Australian immigration minister

Liberal MP Scott Morrison has been named immigration minister in Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott's first ministry.

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Liberal MP Scott Morrison has been named Immigration Minister in the first Abbott Ministry.

Mr Abbott, whose Coalition swept to power last week in a landslide election victory, unveiled his Cabinet this week and name Mr Morrison his immigration minister.

Mr Morrison, the Liberal MP for Sydney's Cook and former head of Tourism Australia, served as the opposition's spokesperson for immigration during his party's time in opposition.

Mr Morrison is the first MP for Cook to serve in the Cabinet and is expected to wield a sterner hand in tackling the ongoing problem of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat, although he has previously stated he is in favour of legal migration to Australia, particularly through the 457 visa program.

"I am proud to be the first Member for Cook to serve in Cabinet," Mr Morrison said upon his position being confirmed by Prime Minister-elect Abbott, who will be sworn in to office by the Governor General later this week.

"I look forward to continuing to promote the interests of [my constituency’s] community on the issues that matter from the cost of living to small business and the decision on a second Sydney Airport.

"As a member of Cabinet in the Abbott Government, I will provide [Sutherland Shire] with an even stronger voice in Canberra, to help make our community an even better place to live and raise a family."

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