16 March 2016

The Australian Dollar to British Pound exchange rate

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The recent weeks have seen the Australian to GBP exchange rate drop considerably. With the UK economy slowing and the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming EU vote on 23rd June 2016, the pound has weakened.

Whilst it is difficult to foresee the value of the pound over the coming months, it is worth seeking professional insights if you are planning a future move Down Under.

For further information you can read Halo Financial's latest Australian currency blog here

How does this impact you?

When you relocate to Australia you want to secure the best exchange rate for transferring your money. The better the exchange rate, the more money you will take with you. Due to the current exchange rate volatility it’s essential to transfer your currency at the right time.


Introducing Halo Financial

We work alongside Halo Financial who provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for transferring your currency overseas. Using a professional company such as Halo will save you time and money when transferring your funds abroad.

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