13 April 2017

Changes to Queensland State Sponsorship

The Queensland Government have temporarily suspended the acceptance of all Skilled Visa Nominations

Changes to Queensland State Sponsorship

State Nominated Applications have reached their capacity for Queensland and therefore the nomination process has closed until further notice.

What this means?

This change will only impact those applying for a Skilled Sponsored visa (subclass 190 or 489) to Queensland.

You will not be issued an invitation to apply for a Skilled (subclass 190 and 489) visa from Queensland. If you have submitted an Expression Of Interest (EOI) and have not been yet been selected, your EOI is no longer valid. A new EOI will need to be submitted once Queensland reopens nominations. There has been no confirmed date as to when nominations will reopen, however it's likely to be 1st July 2017 which is the start of the new migration year.

If you have paid for an application with Queensland and this has not yet been finalised, you have the following options:

  1. Remain in the queue for processing (once application reopen)
  2. Request a refund and withdrawal of your application

It's important to note that changes may occur to the Queensland Skilled Occupations Lost during its closure. If your occupation is removed you will no longer be eligible to apply to this state for sponsorship. Only EOI's meeting the new criteria will be considered.

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