05 November 2013

Rupert Murdoch calls for Australia to 'embrace immigration'

At a recent lecture in Sydney, Rupert Murdoch said Australia needed to embrace immigration in order to spark the country's economy and open new trade relationships with other nations.

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Rupert Murdoch called for Australia to be "leaders, not followers" and boost immigration.

Speaking at the Lowy Institute, the News Corp chairman pointed to the current immigration debate in the United States as an opportunity for Australia to take advantage of the benefits of immigration.

We think of the United States as an immigrant nation, and rightly so," Murdoch told his audience in Sydney.

"But the percentage of foreign-born in the United States, a country currently racked by a self-defeating debate over immigration policy, is just about 12%. Incredibly, Australia is double that," he said.

"That means Australia is on the way to becoming what may be the world's most diverse nation. This is an incredible competitive advantage.

"A nation as small as ours will increasingly depend on trade. And the more people we have with ties to other parts of the world, the greater our advantage when we seek trade relationships with these nations."

"The heart of Australia today is our belief in a fair shake for all," Murdoch said.

"No man or woman is above any other. We applaud achievement and innovation."

Murdoch went on to say that individuals prepared to exploit their talents and strive for success were the "essence of an egalitarian meritocracy", and that Australia was on the cusp of becoming just that, "with more than a touch of libertarianism".

"Let's stop thinking about Australia's place in the world as defined by its alliances, by its trading partners, by its government," Murdoch said.

"We will fight regulations that hamper growth and economic development. But it is the Australian people who will, collectively define this nation's destiny.

"We must be leaders, not followers. We must be egalitarian, not elitist. We must be victors and not victims. It won't be easy but the Australia that I know and love has never shied from a challenge."

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