05 April 2018

Helping your child make the move to Australia

Moving to another country can be quite daunting for any adult, but let's not forget about the children. For them, the idea of starting anew, without the support or extended family and friends must be quite daunting.

As a parent, you will need to find some time, (in between everything else that the move throws at you!), to focus on assisting your children with settling in to their new surroundings. It can be quite an upheaval for any child, from toddler to teenager, and the demands on your support mechanisms may be tested. Rest assured though, that children and very resilient, and it shouldn't take long for them to make new friends and find new interests.

Australia boasts a friendly and inclusive environment for children, and younger children settle in very quickly. They are quick to move on to new friendships and are keen to be involved in new adventures. Early years and primary school classes offer a bounty of new friendships, as do local activity groups and playgrounds. Get involved. Be open to change. Embrace the positives.

Somewhere to start:

Young teenagers can be a little more challenging.

Finding mates when they're at school will all depend upon how sociable your child is. Encouraging them to join sporting and social clubs is the first positive step. The school will have their own sports teams and special interest clubs, and they will be able to advise your child of other options outside of the school. To be pointed in the right direction, they just need to ask the questions.

Then there are the older teens!

This is the tough crowd, with strong friendships already established and maybe even love interests. Getting them onboard with the move can be a momentous task in itself. Thankfully, social media enables them to keep in close contact with their mates, and even facilitate them meeting their new friends. This is to be encouraged.

If you are a regular church goer, local churches in your area are a good source of friendship and support, for you and your children. Many have Sunday School and family services, as well as holiday activities to keep children active and supported if parents are working or simply need a break.

If you are looking to migrate to Australia:

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