01 December 2016

Critical Changes to Partner and Prospective Marriage Visas

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Introduction of additional requirements for those wishing to sponsor their partner or spouse to join them in Australia.

Additional requirements

The Australian Department of Border Protection (DIBP) have introduced additional requirements for those wishing to sponsor their partner or spouse to join them in Australia.

Applications for a Partner or Prospective Marriage Visas submitted on or after the 18th of November 2016 must meet these new requirements.

Sponsors of Partner and Prospective Marriage visa applicants will now be required to provide the following:

Applications already lodged or approved do not need to meet these requirements even if the sponsor did not submit their sponsorship form until after 18 November 2016. Additionally those applicants who already have a temporary partner visa and are waiting for their permanent visa to be processed will not need to meet this new requirement.

If the sponsor is unwilling to provide a police check or consent to the department disclosing their convictions then the application will be refused and no refunds will be issued.

If a sponsor has a significant criminal record their visa application must be refused. It is solely the discretion of the DIBP as to what is deemed a significant criminal record. The length of time since the sponsor completed their sentence(s), the best interest of the applicant (and children) and the length of relationship will be taken into considered.

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