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Social & Community Services

You have selected Social & Community Services , here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

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Alarm, Security or Surveillance Monitor jobs in Australia
  • Monitors security alarms, CCTV and other surveillance equipment, and contacts supervisors, police or fire brigades if security is breached or fire is detected.
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Armoured Car Escort jobs in Australia
  • Provides armed escort for transportation and delivery of cash and other valuables.
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Caretaker jobs in Australia
  • Maintains and cleans a residential building, school, office, holiday camp or caravan park and associated grounds.
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Child Care jobs in Australia
  • Directs the activities of a child care centre or service.
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Child Care Worker jobs in Australia
  • Provides care and supervision for children in programs, such as long day care and occasional care, in childcare centres, hospitals and educational centres.
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Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant Australia
  • Provides care and supervision for children and young people living in residential or institutional facilities such as group homes and correctional institutions.
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Commissioned Defence Force Officer Australia
  • Provides high level management to support the running of an organisational unit within the Australian Defence Forces.
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Commissioned Fire Officer Australia
  • Provides high level management to support the running of a geographical or operational section of a fire service.
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Commissioned Police Officer Australia
  • Provides high level management to support the running of a geographical or operational section of a police service.
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Community Arts Worker Australia
  • Identifies issues of local need, concerns and aspirations through community consultation, and designs and implements strategies to facilitate and encourage community arts projects and happenings, and promote the value of community cultural development.
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Community Worker Australia
  • Facilitates community development initiatives and collective solutions within a community to address issues, needs and problems.
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Counsellor jobs Australia
  • This occupation group covers Counsellors not elsewhere classified.
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Crossing Supervisor Australia
  • Assists children, disabled and other pedestrians to cross roads by stopping traffic and ensuring all pedestrians have crossed safely before allowing traffic to flow through the crossing.
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Crowd Controller jobs in Australia
  • Carries out crowd control duties at entertainment, sporting or recreational venues.
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Detective Australia
  • Investigates serious crimes, such as terrorism, homicide, armed robbery, vice and arson, and gathers evidence to arrest and prosecute suspected offenders.
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Drug and Alcohol counsellor jobs Australia
  • Provides assessment, support and treatment for people, develops strategies which assist them to set goals, effect and maintain change, and provides community advice and education.
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Emergency Service Worker Australia
  • Attends the scene of emergencies to minimise risk to community safety and security.
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Family and Marriage Counsellor job Australia
  • Assists individuals, couples or families with marriage or relationship difficulties.
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Family Support Worker job Australia
  • Assists the work of social and welfare workers by providing services and support to families.
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Fire Fighter Australia
  • Responds to fire alarms and emergency calls, controls and extinguishes fires, and protects life and property.
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Hostel Parent jobs in Australia
  • Provides care and supervision for children and young people living in residential facilities such as boarding school residential colleges and hostels.
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Ministers of Religion job Australia
  • Performs spiritual functions associated with beliefs and practices of a religious faith, and provides motivation, guidance and training in religious life for the people of a congregation or parish, and the wider community. This occupation requires high levels of personal commitment and interest as well as, or in place of, formal qualifications or experience.
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Nanny Australia
  • Assists parents in the provision of ongoing care and supervision for babies and children, usually in the child's home.
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Out of School Hours Care Worker jobs in Australia
  • Provides care for school age children in an out of school hours care program.
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Parole or Probation Officer job Australia
  • Supervises parolees who have been placed on probation by court order or released conditionally from corrective service institutions.
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Police Officer Australia
  • Maintains public order, and enforces laws by investigating crimes, patrolling public areas and arresting suspected offenders.
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Prison Officer Australia
  • Supervises and controls the activities of inmates in a prison or other correctional institution.
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Private Investigator Australia
  • Conducts investigations for clients and prepares evidence for court proceedings.
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Psychotherapist jobs Australia
  • Provides diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders using psychotherapeutic methods such as behavioural therapy, biofeedback, relaxation therapy and other techniques.
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Recycling or Rubbish Collector jobs in Australia
  • Collects household, commercial and industrial waste for recycling or disposal.
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Refuge Worker jobs in Australia
  • Provides services and support to people seeking assistance in a refuge.
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Rehabilitation Counsellor job Australia
  • Assists physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged people to re-integrate into work and the community.
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Residential Care Officer job Australia
  • Provides care and supervision for children or disabled persons in group housing or government institutions.
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Security Officer Australia
  • Patrols and guards industrial and commercial property, railway yards, stations and other facilities.
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Security Officers and Guards nec jobs in Australia
  • This occupation group covers Security Officers and Guards not elsewhere classified.
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Senior Non-Commissioned Defence Force Member Australia
  • Implements and enforces directives of commissioned officers of the Australian Defence Forces.
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Social Worker job Australia
  • Assesses the social needs of individuals and groups, and assists people to develop and use the skills and resources needed to resolve social and other problems.
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Speech Pathologist Australia
  • Assesses and treats people with communication disorders including speech, language, voice, fluency and literacy difficulties or people who have physical problems with eating or swallowing.
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Streetsweeper Operator Australia
  • Operates plant to clean streets and gutters of litter and debris.
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Student Counsellor Australia
  • Provides information and assistance to students, parents and teachers about a wide range of matters such as students' personal problems, learning difficulties and special requirements.
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Trolley Collector jobs in Australia
  • Collects supermarket trolleys from car parks and other areas, and returns them to the supermarket by hand or trailer. May drive a small tractor to tow the trolleys.
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Welfare Centre Manager Australia
  • Manages and coordinates centres, programs or projects concerned with social welfare support.
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Welfare Worker Australia
  • Assists individuals, families and groups with social, emotional and financial difficulties to improve quality of life by educating and supporting them and working towards change in their social environment.
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Youth Worker Australia
  • Assists young people as individuals or groups to solve social, emotional and financial problems in an agency framework.
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