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Consulting & Business Analysis

You have selected Consulting & Business Analysis , here are the occupations listed in that category. Click on the occupation that most closely matches your occupation to see the job description and tasks associated with that occupation. You will need a visa allowing you to work if you are interested in working in your selected occupation in Australia. You can check your eligibility for a temporary Working Holiday visa on this website, as well as check your points score for emigration to Australia.

Corporate Services Manager Australia
  • Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the overall administration of an organisation.
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Management Consultant job Australia
  • Assists clients to achieve greater efficiency in a business or organisation and solve organisational problems in fields such as personnel, information systems, finance, research and general business strategy.
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Organistation Analyst Australia
  • Studies organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures used in industrial establishments and other organisations.
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Policy Analyst Australia
  • Analyses and advises on policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations and programs.
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Quality Assurance Manager Australia
  • Facilitates a continuous improvement environment in which organisational resources are focused on satisfying internal and external customer requirements.
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Security Consultant Australia
  • Advises clients on security requirements, and recommends and designs security specifications.
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