28 June 2010

UK immigration cap to be set with aid from businesses

Later today the Home Secretary Teresa May is expected to announce the UK Immigration cap and the number of migrants allowed to enter the UK from outside the European Union each year.

UK immigration

Business leaders are worried that the UK immigration cap will affect the UK's ability to gain skilled workers.

The UK Immigration  plan has been criticised by many business leaders, who say the move will make recruiting skilled staff more difficult by stopping the entry of needed and talented foreigners.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development last month said a cap could “leave many employers struggling to hire the talented performers they need”.

Universities have also raised similar concerns about the impact of a cap.

The Home Secretary is set to announce a wide-ranging consultation over the planned cap, with business lobby groups, company executives and university leaders to be asked for detailed recommendations.

Home Office sources say that while the government is open to negotiation and talks with business leaders and universities, the UK immigration cap was an election promise and will be implemented.

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