Who are the UK Visa Bureau?

The UK Visa Bureau is a division of Visa Bureau Ltd, an independent UK company specialising in visa and immigration services to the UK. Based in central London, the company provides assistance for businesses wanting to hire migrants through the Employer Sponsorship Licence system.


How the UK Visa Bureau can help

Obtaining a UK Employer Sponsorship Licence in advance of a recruitment drive allows for quick employment of targeted workers, which may be critical in the current competitive climate to secure new contacts or for company growth.

If there was a vacancy or need for a highly specialised employee that was not available in the resident labour market, an employer who already had the Employer Sponsorship Licence could start the recruitment process immediately.

Without an Employer Sponsorship Licence already in hand, taking on a new skilled employee is a lengthy process.

UK Visa Bureau can provide clients with a complete employer sponsorship licence application package and can provide post-application support.

A UK Visa Bureau licensing specialist will advise you of immigration law,  analyse the company’s policies and practices to make sure all processes are compliant to the new legislation and collect all necessary employee, legal and financial documents to accompany the Employer Sponsorship Licence application.

After all the documents are collected the licensing specialist will review and lodge the Employer Sponsorship Licence application on your behalf.

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Authorised to advise sponsors

UK Visa Bureau is authorised by the Home Office to advise prospective sponsors under the new points-based system.

This means that UK Visa Bureau has been assessed by the Home Office against a number of criteria to ensure a full understanding of sponsorship arrangements, and that we have the ability to consult, manage and guide clients through the process of fulfilling their sponsorship obligations.

Among the key requirements are: 
  • Evidence of clear information on the points-based system on the UK Visa Bureau website;
  • Well-trained staff who can undertake sponsor support work; 
  • Clear reporting framework to ensure accountability to clients and the UK Border Agency.
For more information on authorisation to provide support for sponsors, you can visit the UK Border Agency website.

Note that the UK Visa Bureau is regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide UK immigration advice.