09 March 2010

Changes to New Zealand immigration policy

A number of changes to Immigration New Zealand's operational policy, including the addition of the new Silver Fern Visa, will take effect on 29 March 2010.

New Zealand Immigration

Immigration New Zealand has announced policy changes which will take effect in April.

The new Silver Fern Visa is to give young people the opportunity to search for work in the country, and then move to a two-year working visa once they secure a position. It consists of the Silver Fern Job Search Visa and the Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa.

To be issued with a Silver Fern Job Search Visa, applicants must:

To be issued with a Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa applicants must:

From 27 April, 300 places under this New Zealand Visa will be available annually.

Other changes to New Zealand Immigration include the introduction of working holiday visas for young citizens of Spain and Slovenia, and an increase in the age limit for Canadians coming to New Zealand on a working holiday (from 18-30 to 18-35 years), and Japanese working holidaymakers are no longer restricted to a maximum of three months working for the same employer.

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