09 January 2008

Recruiters with New Zealand visas in demand

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Experienced recruitment agents and consultants are being welcomed with open arms in the New Zealand market. British recruiters with New Zealand immigration eligibility or a New Zealand working holiday visa will find a job easily, according to industry recruiter rec2REC.

New Zealand's tight labour market has fed through to a shortage of recruitment agents in the country and experienced recruiters are in high demand.

Helen Burns, the managing director of an agency that specialises in recruiting recruiters, told Homes Worldwide: "Currently, people with recruitment, human resources and sales experiences in bigger markets, especially the United Kingdom, are highly sought after in New Zealand.

"It's a relatively easy transition to make, because the employment style and legislation here is similar to the UK's in many respects. Same stuff - just with less zeros!" she noted. Ms Burns also commented that people are attracted by the more relaxed, less stressful, pace of life in New Zealand.

Anyone interested in taking a working holiday to New Zealand should confirm their eligibility by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online assessment.

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