05 January 2009

Air New Zealand urges cuts to landing fees

Flights to New Zealand could become less expensive, with Air New Zealand urging airports to cut their landing fees. A cut in landing fees makes it less expensive for Air New Zealand, as well as international airlines, to operate flights in and out of the country.

The Deputy Chief Executive of Air New Zealand, Norm Thompson, called the current landing fees charged to airlines for landing in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch "excessive already by international standards."  He called on New Zealand airports to follow a recent move by Singapore, in many ways a competitor for lucrative international tourism, which saw a 25% reduction of its landing fees.

Thompson sees a direct link between lowering landing fees, and keeping the flow of tourists to New Zealand strong, saying "Airports could assist in keeping fares lower by reducing landing fees during this economic downturn."

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Article by Editorial Staff, New Zealand Visa Bureau.

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