Canada Immigrant Investor Program FAQ

Immigrant Investor Program FAQ

  • If I apply via the Quebec programme, do I need to live in Quebec?

    A: You are not compelled to live in Quebec if you apply under the Quebec programme.  As a permanent resident there are no special conditions attached to your visa concerning where you live or what you can do.
  • Do I need to liquidate my assets in the UK before moving to Canada?

    A: No, you are not required to liquidate your UK assets.  You are free to leave your assets in the UK or bring them with you to Canada as and when you wish to.
  • Can I borrow money to make up the net worth requirement?

    A: No, any money borrowed to increase your assets will be offset by the liability associated with the debt that advance has created.

    The Quebec program does allow for you to receive donations provided these are properly documented as such.
  • What restrictions are there on me once I move to Canada?

    A: There are no restrictions on you once you do settle in Canada.  You and your spouse are free to work, set up business and purchase property.You will have access to state education, health care and other benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens.

    After 3 years you will be eligible for full Canadian citizenship.
  • How long is the visa valid for?

    A: The visa remains indefinite provided you reside in Canada for a total of not less than 2 years in every 5.

    Once you have resided in Canada for 3 years you can apply for full Canadian citizenship.
  • Who pays our fees?

    A: Professional fees for preparing applications for business and investment visas typically range from £5,000 to £15,000.

    The Canadian Visa Bureau chooses not to charge a direct fee to our Canada Investor clients who utilise the financing option. We benefit from a financial commission when we refer you to our banking partners which covers our professional fees for assisting you through this process.
  • How long does the process take?

    A: As your application will be dealt with entirely in the UK the process will be considerably faster than other centres.

    Applications dealt with at the High Commission in London are dealt with in around 12 months at the present time.
  • When do I need to make the investment / pay the finance fee? 

    A: You are not required to make the investment or pay the financing fee until your application has been approved by the Canadian government. 

    At this point you will have 90 days to make the investment, after which your visas will be issued.

    This can be anywhere in Canada, except Quebec.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any further questions regarding the Immigrant Investor Program, feel free to get in touch!

To speak to a Canadian migration consultant regarding the Immigrant Investor Program, call the Canadian Visa Bureau's London office at 0207 731 9004.