UK Visas for Medical Practitioners

Due to a nationwide shortage of skills in these areas, there are options available for doctors, dentists and nurses from outside of the EU to come to live and work in the UK.

Visas for Medical Practitioners Requirements

Doctors, dentists and nurses are all required to have the appropriate registration with the relevant UK registration body before being able to work in the UK.  It is important that doctors and dentists in particular are aware of the specific demands and responsibilities of the position they have or will seek in the UK, as there are different registration requirements depending on the nature of the work.

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Post Registration Visa Application

Once the appropriate registration has been achieved, most medical practitioners would apply for UK migration via either the work permit holder or Tier 1 - General skilled migration routes.

Work Permit

The Work Permit would generally be the fastest option for doctors, dentists and nurses outside of the EU who already have a job offer to migrate to the UK.  For further information, view the UK Visa Bureau work permit pages.

Check If You Qualify For A Work Permit

Tier 1 - General Skilled Migration visa

The Tier 1 - General Skilled Migration visa allows non-EU citizens without a job offer to live and work in the UK.  Therefore, registered doctors, dentists and nurses without a job offer should use this UK immigration option.  However, before applying, Tier 1 - General Skilled Migration visa hopefuls should seek further information on the other Tier 1 - General skilled visa requirements.

Check If You Qualify For A Tier 1 (General) Skilled Migration Visa