UK Immigration - Entry Clearance

All visa nationals need entry clearance to enter the UK, even as tourists. Commonwealth and non-visa nationals are given up to 6 months of entry clearance to come to the UK for tourism on arrival at a UK port of entry.

For any other type of visa however, entry clearance must be sought. Work Permit, Tier 1 Skilled Migration, Ancestry Visa and Student Visa holders all require entry clearance before they may enter the UK, to name just a few. Entry Clearance is applied for at the British Embassy/High Commission in the applicant's home country.

Check If You Qualify For UK Entry Clearance


  • Applicants must show that their entering the UK is conducive to the public good and the UK economy;
  • Applicants must prove that they are qualified for the visa to which the entry clearance pertains. For example, if seeking a work permit entry clearance, applicants will need to show a valid work permit document;
  • Applicants are sometimes requested to attend an interview.

Conditions of the Visa

  • Entry Clearance will specify from when the entry clearance is valid and when it expires depending on the nature of the entry clearance sought. 
Check If You Qualify For UK Entry Clearance