Penalties for Non-Compliance

Under the new points-based system for UK Immigration, employers found to be employing an illegal worker may face new civil or criminal penalties.

Check If You Qualify For An Employer Sponsorship License

The onus is now on UK employers to ensure that they are not employing illegal workers. Illegal workers will be removed by the Home Office, in addition to penalties being levied against the employer. Non-compliance with the new immigration rules may result in the following:

  • Removal of licence to hire migrant workers.
  • An unlimited fine, payable by the employer for each person found to be working illegally.
  • Maximum 2 year custodial sentence for knowingly employing an illegal worker.
  • New civil penalties for irresponsible or negligent recruiting practices.

For more information about ensuring compliance Employee Sponsorship Licence:

Employer Sponsorship Licence and the Tier 2 Work Permit

The Employer Sponsorship Licence is required by any employer looking to hire a worker through the Tier 2 Work Permit programme.