Employer Sponsorship Licence Responsibilities

Licensed Sponsors in the UK will have a number of different responsibilities to meet, both towards the business and towards any migrants hired by the organisation.

Check If You Qualify For An Employer Sponsorship License

Business in the UK who are licenced to sponsor foreign workers will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring and recording the immigration status of migrant workers employed by the organisation and preventing the illegal employment of migrants.
  • Keeping up-to-date contact details for migrants employed by the organisation
  • Keeping appropriate and detailed records on any migrants employed by the organisation.
  • Monitoring migrants employed by the organisation and reporting violations to the Home Office where appropriate.
  • Maintaining appropriate hiring practices and ensuring that any migrants employed by the organisation are legally entitled and qualified to do their job.

The Home Office will look at and organisation's ability to meet these requirements before granting and Employer Sponsorship Licence. They may look for organisational competency, history, and HR systems in order to make a decision.

Employers who wish to hire migrant workers must have systems in place in order to prevent illegal working.

For more information about the responsibilities associated with obtaining Employee Sponsorship Licence:

Employer Sponsorship Licence and the Tier 2 Work Permit

The Employer Sponsorship Licence is required by any employer looking to hire a worker through the Tier 2 Work Permit programme.