European Union Association Agreement

This visa is for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania who wish to come to the UK to start a new business and work in the capacity of running that business.

Check If You Qualify For An EUA Agreement Visa

European Union Association Agreement Requirements

  • Applicants can open any type of business they like but must work full-time in the running of the business (and not undertake any other employment);
  • Applicants must have sufficient funds to maintain themselves until the business becomes profitable;
  • Applicants must have a convincing and viable business plan;
  • There is no requirement to employ any additional staff; AND
  • Applicants may trade as a limited company or as an individual or in partnership with others.

European Union Association Agreement Conditions

  • A successful applicant is generally given a 2 year visa initially.
  • An extension of a further 3 years can be applied for as long as the business is operating in line with the original plan, the applicants have not had to access public funds and the business continues to be viable. If these conditions are not met, then the extension may be refused.
  • Applicants may, after 5 years, apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (Permanent Residency).
  • Partners and dependent children are able to join you on this visa and are free to work and go to school.
Check If You Qualify For An EUA Agreement Visa

Romanian and Bulgarian Citizens who do not qualify for this type of visa will need permission to work in the UK (for example a UK Work Permit)