UK Employer Sponsorship Licence

The Employer Sponsorship Licence application process

There are a number of stages in the application process: initial verification of eligibility;  review of current company policies and practices;  confirming company policies comply with UK immigration legislation; collecting necessary application documents; lodging the application; and finally approval notification.

UK Visa Bureau can assist in the entire application process for your company and provide post-approval support.
  • Employers are advised to fill out their details in the UK Visa Bureau Employer Sponsorship Licence form at the bottom of this page to commence the application process.
  • UK Visa Bureau licensing specialist will then request more information, analyse the company’s policies and practices and recommend any necessary changes that might need to be made. The licensing specialist will also collect the required legal, financial and employee documents to accompany your Employer Sponsorship Licence application.
  • After all the documents are collected the licensing specialist will review and lodge the Employer Sponsorship Licence application on your behalf.
  • Following the receipt of these documents, the company will then receive a compliance visit from the UK Border Agency, who will verify whether or not to grant the Employer Sponsorship Licence.

Once your application has been granted you will receive notification from your licensing specialist and receive information about the post-application process and support that UK Visa Bureau can provide.

Speak to a UK Employer Sponsorship Licence specialist

Complete the following initial assessment to submit your details to a UK licence specialist.

Once they have received your submitted details, they will be able to review your situation and provide you with advice within the next 48 hours.

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