Wolverhampton candidates pledge UK immigration action

The candidates for Wolverhampton South West are: Raymond Barry (Equal Parenting Alliance); Robin Lawrence (Liberal Democrat); Rob Marris (Labour); Amanda Mobberley (UK Independence Party); and Paul Uppal (Conservative).

Liberal Democrat Robin Lawrence said fairness in UK immigration was at the heart of his party’s policy, but that UK immigrants would have to prove themselves.

"Immigrants who come into the country have to demonstrate they have a sponsor, have to demonstrate there is a job and clearly have to demonstrate their job is needed in that particular area," Mr Lawrence said.

Labour candidate Rob Marris said migration from within the EU needed reviewing, and that Britian cannot have a sensible political debate about UK immigration policy unless the country is prepared to revisit the issue of free movement in the EU.

Tory candidate Paul Uppal said they would reduce immigration levels to that seen in the 1980s and 90s, as current levels were too high and placing a strain on public services.

A spokesman for UK Independence Party candidate Amanda Mobberley said Britain had first to regain control of its borders from the EU.

"We would impose a five-year pause on all immigration then we would have a points system. If people have the right number of points or jobs to offer then they are very welcome," the spokesman said.

Equal Parenting Alliance candidate Ray Barry said UK immigration had become a much-discussed political issue, but closer examination of the issue showed the effects on unemployment had been misrepresented.
"So much long-term unemployment traces back to people losing touch with their children. There's a strong correlation between it and people being alienated from their kids, which drains the heart out of them," he said.

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