Wanted Down Under: Series Three repeated

Wanted Down Under Series Three
is currently being reshown on BBC Two
(Image: BBC)

Some episodes of the popular BBC Wanted Down Under television programme are being reshown, and it is a great chance for potential migrants to get a sneak peak of many popular Australian cities.

The programme is a reality series presented by Nicki Chapman in which British families are given a look at life Down Under and a sample of how their lifestyle could change before they permanently emigrate to Australia.

The series was initially screened last year, but potential Australian migrants would still find the episodes give an insight into many Australian cities, general indication of property prices, and the lifestyle and employment opportunities available.   However, the programme also doesn’t gloss over the challenges faced by a permanent move to the other side of the world.

Series three of Wanted Down Under follows British families from different walks of life, including a policeman looking for work in Adelaide, a family living under the Heathrow airport flight sample life in Sydney, and a single mum gives tropical Darwin a one-week trial, as well as looking at New Zealand destinations.

Some episodes of the series are being shown on BBC Two, as well as also available on BBC iPlayer.

The episodes include:

Season 3 Episode 1

Williams Family: Adelaide
The Williams family from Leicester has the chance to sample life in Adelaide for a week, before deciding whether to make the massive step to emigrate. But when policeman Paul meets the South Australia police, he finds the job prospects don't really stack up. And when he weighs up whether he could leave his 12-year-old daughter in the UK, the whole family feels the unbearable pain of deciding whether they could leave loved ones behind.

Season 3 Episode 2

Mehra Family: Sydney
Zoe Mehra has dreamed of a new life down under ever since she went travelling there after university, but she must persuade husband Peel that their future would be brighter if they emigrated. They spend a trial week in Sydney, where painter-decorator Peel finds there is plenty of well-paid work. Will it be enough to tempt him? 

Season 3 Episode 3

Cookson Family: Melbourne
The Cookson family tries life in Melbourne for a week before deciding if they want to move to Australia permanently. Will the laid-back lifestyle prove enough of a draw to tempt them to make a new life for themselves down under?

- Stephanie Bradley is Content and Communications Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.