Wanted Down Under: Series Five now showing

Wanted Down Under Series Five is now being
shown on BBC1 (Image: BBC).

A new series of the popular Wanted Down Under television programme is now being shown on BBC1 on weekday mornings, and for a limited time on BBC iPlayer.

The reality series program hosted by Nicki Chapman flys British families to Australia and New Zealand for a week so they can experience how their life might be changed if they moved Down Under.

The episodes give an insight into the lifestyle in popular cities and a good indication of property prices, as well as employment opportunities.  However, Wanted Down Under also touches on the real challenges faced from moving thousands of miles away from family and friends, and the difficult choices a family might have to make. 

Those who are considering applying for an Australia Visa or currently in the process of moving permanently overseas may find the program provides a helpful illustration of Australian life.

The episodes include:

Season 5 Episode 1

Booth Family: Brisbane
Helen and Tim Booth and their two children, from Cheshire, try life in Brisbane for a week. Helen has dreamt of emigrating since she was 18, but teenage daughter Steph is not so sure. If she cannot be convinced of a new life in Australia, will Helen have to sacrifice her dreams? 
Monday 4 January at 9.15 on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

Season 5 Episode 3

Little Family: Melbourne
Simon and Heather Little and their two sons want to escape the rain of Britain and enjoy the outdoor life in sunny Australia. Wanted Down Under offers them a week to try out life in Melbourne to see if they can they afford their dream. But the biggest problem might be convincing their two teenage sons they have a future down under. 
Wednesday 6 January at 9.15 on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

Season 5 Episode 5

Paton Family: Adelaide
Nicki Chapman tries to help Alan Paton from Carmarthenshire find a home in Australia, where he hopes to have a better quality of life with his family. The demands of running a tree surgery business have left him wanting to spend more time with his wife and three daughters.
Friday 8 January at 9.15 on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

Season 5 Episode 7

McEvoy/Wareham Family: Melbourne
Science teacher Stephen McEvoy, from Port Sunlight, Wirral, dreams of playing tennis in the Australian sunshine, but partner Fred Wareham has a large family at home which he would find hard to leave behind. Would life in Melbourne be better for both of them, or just for Stephen? They have a week to see if Australia can provide the opportunities they seek.
Tuesday 11 January at 9.15am on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer 

Season 5 Episode 9

Homes: Christchurch
Paul Holmes from Ulverston in Cumbria is desperate to move his family to New Zealand. However, his wife Sarah is uncertain about uprooting their five children from the town where she grew up, and where her parents and childhood friends still live. Paul faces a tough week in Christchurch trying to convince his family to make the move to New Zealand permanent.
Thursday 13 January at 9.15am on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer 

Season 5 Episode 2 

Horn Family: Adelaide
Self-employed glazer Andy and pre-school teacher Lynn Horn from Herne Bay have their work cut out to try and convince their two reluctant teenagers that life would be better in Australia. They spend a week in Adelaide to see if Australia is for them.
Tuesday 5 January at 9.15 on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

Season 5 Episode 4

Mannall Family: Christchurch
Financial advisor Andrew Mannall from Great Yarmouth has found life tough since the collapse in the UK housing market. He wants to move to New Zealand, where he believes he can earn a better living and have more time to spend with his family. He has one week in Christchurch to convince everyone a move would work. 
Thursday 7 January at 9.15 on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer

Season 5 Episode 6

Cliff Family: Adelaide
Nicola and Jimmy Cliff from Leeds want to build a better future for their three young boys. Bricklayer Jimmy has struggled to find work in the UK and hopes Australia will give him the chance to provide for his family but Nicola is reluctant to leave all her family and friends.
Monday 10 January at 9.15am on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer 

Season 5 Episode 8

Nowell/Horton Family: Brisbane
Car mechanic Simon Nowell dreams of a new life down under, but his fiancee Laurie's doubts are holding them back. Whilst staying in Brisbane they look for work and a home, and try and find a lifestyle to make the move worth the pain of leaving close family behind.
Wednesday 12 January at 9.15am on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer 

Season 5 Episode 10

Wells Family: Brisbane
Simon Wells lives near Brighton and wants to move his family and ice-cream business to Australia. He's already sold the family home and is putting everything on emigrating. However, his wife Kerry and their two children are reluctant to move. Will a week in Brisbane make Simon's gamble pay off or will he be forced to return home and give up his dream?
Friday 14 January at 9.15am on BBC1 and on BBC iPlayer 

The Wanted Down Under Series 5 contains 20 episodes, and we will update you with more episode synopses as they are released.

- Stephanie Bradley is Content and Communications Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.