Visa opportunities for IT professionals in the US

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 28 December 2007

There are plenty of opportunities for IT professionals who are considering migrating to the US, despite a slight dip in confidence within the sector, reports have claimed.

The latest hiring figures from IT staffing provider Robert Half Technology show that CIO hiring plans are slightly down, falling two points from the previous quarter. However, the overall outlook is far from gloomy and executive director Katherine Spencer Lee told that the hiring index results for the past year were "as strong as any we've seen in five years or more".

"Overall, the outlook for the industry is positive," she claimed. "CIOs appear optimistic about sustainable hiring increases in the industry as there is still a shortage of highly skilled candidates in a lot of specialties. As the unemployment rate in the United States remains low and the baby boomer generation nears retirement, companies are struggling to find skilled workers to fill existing and newly created roles."

Ms Lee is confident that skilled professionals should have no problem finding a job, noting that many working in the fields of applications and web development, database management, systems analysis and network administration are receiving multiple job offers alongside performance bonuses and attractive benefits packages.

"With IT now integrated into all other aspects of a company's operations, the demand for IT professionals who are able to tie a firm's technical capabilities to its business needs is strong," she said. "Employers are willing to pay competitive rates to recruit and retain those who can communicate effectively with people outside the computer world, are familiar with the unique needs of various end-users - both within and outside the organisation - and are able to use technology to solve business challenges."

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