Visa Bureau Testimonial - The Lipcar Family

- Posted in Testimonials by Dominicon 08 October 2012

Emigrating, moving abroad and leaving all your troubles behind to live in the sun is hardly an original daydream but despite thousands and thousands of Brits choosing to move to Australia every year, they are still firmly in the minority.

While the realities of moving to Australia might not quite be word for word the typical desert island fantasy, it isn't that far off in this day and age. That's why when we at the Visa Bureau help someone make the move Down Under, we like to hear how close to their daydream they've gotten.

The Lipcar family took the plunge in May 2012 by appling for their Australia visa, Robert, Eleni, Phoebe and Anthony were granted their Subclass 176 State Sponsored Visa in July.

The Lipcar family will be living their daydreams
in Perth, Western Australia!
Jodie List was their caseworker and we caught up with them just before they got ready for their move to Perth!

We chose to move to Australia because of its great climate, multicultural society and its friendly people - all elements we're looking for!

We started planning the move before my husband - who is the main applicant - turned 43 as we didn't want to risk not having it complete before he became ineligible.

The Visa Bureau were recommended to us by friends who had used them six years ago. We have been very fortunate to have our application handled by Visa Bureau as all the staff worked extremely hard and delivered results within our time limit and were to our complete satisfaction.

Visa Bureau have been a 'dream come true'. They have supported and worked in our favour and with our wishes and expectations in mind.

Thank you so very, very much for your astonishing commitment!

The Lipcar family are now in the final stages of preparing for the move but have some sage advice for fellow Brits and their daydreams.

Anyone who may be interested in moving to Australia would be advised by us to definitely do it!

- Dominic Ladden-Powell is the Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.