Visa Bureau Testimonial - Poetry in motion as the Parkers get set to emigrate to Adelaide!

We've recently heard from another happy family who we've helped with their application for an Australian visa. Cathy and Neil Parker from Swansea had their State Sponsored (subclass 176) visa granted in early June on the basis of Cathy's experience as a Registered Nurse. They're now planning on moving to Adelaide at the end of October.

They had Joe Tindle as their caseworker and passed on the following message to share what their plans are and how their Visa Bureau experience was:

"We are now all systems go and are flying out to Adelaide on the 31st of this month. Being a Registered Nurse there appears to be a lot of opportunities for work and I have started applying already.

We are going to be staying in the centre of Adelaide until we decide where we want to settle to rent. Our two little ones Izzabella (5) and Antonia (2) are not fully understanding of the situation but excited just the same. I will admit we are nervous of the upheaval but ready for the exciting rollercoaster ride.

Having never been to Australia we hope it is all we are dreaming it will be, however we do have family friends who are always encouraging with any news they have. We must say a big thank you once again to you and your colleagues for doing such a great job in helping us achieve our Skilled Sponsorship (176) visa and wish you all well.”

That wasn't it from the Parkers though - Cathy also wrote us a poem about their visa application process!

The Parker family plan on emigrating to Adelaide at
the end of September.

Where do I start? What can I say?
To tell how the Visa Bureau helped us on our way.

A wonderful welcome and informative start.
All helping together playing their part.

On-going advice and updates galore.
Helping us feel that there is always an open door.

Lucas, Joseph and Lauren all great.
Emailing and phoning to keep us up to date.

We can say only thanks and let everyone see.
That without your help, goodness knows where we would be.

Our Visas are granted congratulations you say
We are so grateful for you all helping us on our way.

We just wanted to say thanks in a different way!

If you've recently used the Australian Visa Bureau to emigrate to Australia and would like to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Don't worry if you're not quite as creative as Cathy (though poems are always welcome) - just send an email directly to your caseworker or send it through to us using the contact form and we'll be in touch shortly to gather more information from you.

- Tom Blackett is Marketing Manager for the Australian Visa Bureau.